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    The video Saimin Seishidou Hypnosis Intercourse Steering 1 is concerning the prime scholar boy and his video sex hypnosis. This is known as The case of Obata Yui. Tanaka Hajime is the Intercourse Counselor appointed through the federal government. He makes use of his hypnosis talents on his classmate women. The hypnosis has begun. Prior to a pair engages in such things as kissing and having sex, they've to go through counseling from the Intercourse counselor first. Having sexual se

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    Proceed looking at the video Saimin Seishidou 2. This is known as The case of Kurashiki Reina. Tanaka Hajime is the 2d years pupil who can hyphnotize his classmates. He have already got mainly positioned 3 ideas to everybody in school. At the beginning, he is the Intercourse Counselor. Subsequent, sooner than each couple will kiss each and every different and feature sex, they've to just accept video sex from the Intercourse counselor first. And finally, all his phrases are proper.

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